Southern Vermont Primitive Biathlon


General Biathlon Rules:

The biathlon portion of this event will consist of four target shooting areas throughout a mile and a half course. The first three shooting areas will be in a wooded setting with participants loading and shooting two shots within each area from the standing position. In the last area, which will be in a field setting and open to spectators, participants will fire 3 final shots. All nine shots will be on the clock and fired at various sized square hanging steel targets at ranges 35 to 50 yards. A total of 5 minutes will be deducted from your overall running time for each target hit. The last target station will be in an open area where families of the participants or anyone interested can watch. This makes for a good winter family outing. Spectators are allowed to walk the course and must observe safety rules, and give right of way to participants. Please observe the instructions of the event officials at all times. All participants are to follow the marked trail. Think safety while traversing the course.

Other Contests:

Additional competitive shooting events, such as our “Absolute Marksman” competitions and the “5 Card Shoot and Draw” will also be taking place throughout the day. Inquire with event organizers the day of the event for specifics.


Event will be held regardless of weather. In the event there is insufficient snow, please bring good walking boots. Competitors will NOT be required to carry their snowshoes if there is a lack of snow.


Awards will be presented to the top 3 competitors within each class within the biathlon and multiple door prizes will be raffled off each day to all entrants.

Prize eligibility is limited to entrants who observe all rules and regulations. A partial list of prizes will appear on our home page. All paid entrants will be automatically entered in a raffle and eligible to win a variety of prizes. Seperate tickets will be available for a grand prize drawing. Proceeds from the raffle go to benefit a non-profit organization or other worthy cause. To date, this event has contributed $3400 to Green Mountain Conservation Camps and $13,400 to the Manchester Rod and Gun Club's Green Mountain Conservation Camps Scholarship Fund.




Under no circumstances will alcoholic beverages be permitted during the shooting portions of the event (9:00am- 3:00 pm Saturday and 9:00am-2:00pm on Sunday). The event organizers have the right to ask any intoxicated persons to leave the premises at any time.


Period dress is definitely encouraged but not required.

Entry Fees:


In the spirit of the event, it's either hit or miss. Misfires are misses. All times will be adjusted based on shooting scores. 5 minutes per hit will be deducted from your overall running time. Multiple entries for the biathlon and Woods Walk portion of the event are accepted however you must pre-determine which score you would like to count before your second run begins. On any questions regarding rules, regulation, or results, the decision of the organizers is final.

Specific Class Rules:

There will be 7 separate biathlon classes to compete within:

Smoothbore Rules:

Rifled Flintlock or Caplock Rules:

Inline Rules:

Off the Clock Woods Walk:

King of the Hill:

In an effort to offer competitive shooting opportunities to individuals who are either physically unable to traverse the course or for those who just want to do more shooting, we may be hosting a “King of the Hill” shooting competition. Due to possible congestion of shooters, King of the Hill shooting hours may be limited throughout the event and will be determined by the event coordinators, based on demand. REMEMBER SAFETY FIRST!

This portion of the event will consist of the following:

The Absolute Marksman:

This "off-the-clock" shooting event tests the marksmanship skills of all participants by shooting 5 rounds from the off-hand position at a paper target. Highest total score at the end of the event wins.

5 Card Shoot and Draw

This new “off the clock” shooting event combines both skill of a marksman and “Luck of  The Draw” by allowing 5 shots to be taken at a specified gong target with each hit allowing the shooter to draw a card from the official SVTPB deck. Best 5card poker hand at the end of the event wins.


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